Shelby is a beauty and fashion photographer based in Maryland - Discovering photography at the young age of 16, over the years, Shelby has developed her creative style to reflect her interest in editorial/avant-garde makeup and fashion while using B/W and creative lighting in her work. Every individual is so uniquely beautiful. Capturing their character and personality through photographs is what Shelby strives to portray through her work. 

Shelby grew up in Illinois then moved to California in 2021, which led her to meet all kinds of people from around the world - this truly opened her eyes as a result expanding her interest in the beauty and fashion industry. In 2022, since moving to the east coast, she has been able to refine her craft as a photographer and artist in the local creative community. 

Shelby is inspired by unique beauty, editorial art, and passionate artists. She loves listening to music, caring for the environment, empowering women, supporting small businesses, and cuddling cats.

Being able to personally create a photo from start to finish within planning and styling it almost becomes a painting in my eyes. The process within my photography reminds me of how beautiful art is created with a creative tool like my camera. The same goes for any other type of artist in their field, the process is beautiful and inspiring. Art lasts for a lifetime, giving a deeper connection and meaning to the moments and experiences captured.